What do you need to know to make the most out of 2020?

This guidance is meant to give you the tools to navigate 2020 with confidence in the following aspects of your life (based on the 12 astrological houses):

- You and your potential

- Finances

- Friends & social life

- Family and their influence in your life

- Creativity, children, projects

- Health and responsibilities 

- Romantic relationships

- Subconscious mind / limiting beliefs

- Travels and opportunities for personal growth

- Professional career/ ambition

- Collaborations/ projects

- Obstacles

The reading may be predictive depending on the information that comes up but is mainly focused to shed some light on subconscious blockages that are limiting your growth. 

To complement the above reading you will get predictions using Tibetan astrology for the following aspects:

- The state of your vital force 

- Health (which is different from your vital force)

- Your potential

- Good fortune

These 4 aspects will be explained in detail in the reading.

This service is available until February 16th.

Gift cards are available: contact me (bottom of home page) for more info!

Readings will be emailed in a PDF format within 7 days of purchase. 

1)Fill out the form first

2)Process payment

Your Guidance 2020: $130 


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