Initial Path Room - What is it?

Updated: Nov 2, 2018

This quantum technology is based on DNA activation thanks to little glass tubes used by an operator (me!) in the energetic field of a client. The glass tubes have been encoded to remove programs in our DNA that are responsible for recurrent patterns in our life or the feeling of being stuck in a situation for instance. Those programs or energetic implants manifest in our life as blockages/situations that prevent us from expanding and living our full potential. Energetic implants have many origins such as karma from past lives, physical/emotional trauma passed on from generation to generation, collective karma, social conditioning, limiting beliefs and so on.

Through our life experiences, we try to overcome those blockages. When we succeed, the program responsible is disabled and we integrate the new positive experience into our DNA. IPR sessions have the power to speed up the DNA activation process by removing energetic implants. This results in an increased awareness of our true essence and the manifestation of our divine purpose.

IPR sessions have the potential to drastically shift your reality as new perspectives and awareness emerge from your DNA activation. Sometimes the reality as you know it may collapse in order to build new foundations, aligned with your new self. If you are willing to do this inner work then IPR sessions can boost your evolution.

IPR sessions are done collectively and remotely every 3 weeks approximately (the exact dates are indicated on my website). They last about 45 minutes. It is recommended to find a quiet space and relax during the session in order to receive all the benefits.

It is important to note that:

  • I don't need to know each person's reason for participating. Since the work is done collectively, the vibration of the group will dictate the focus of the session and whatever is brought forward will resonate at the individual level as well.

  • Each session is limited to 20 people maximum.

"After a few IPR sessions, I got rid of deeply rooted beliefs about money. I was able to move on after years of being stuck in recurring patterns and to bring my focus on my life mission. After each session, synchronicities started to happen and I also received guidance through my dreams. Sessions with Sonia are very powerful and I strongly recommend trying! If you are ready to face your fears, to listen to your inner guidance, you can change your life and align to your life path."

- Laura B.

"When I did a series of IPR sessions with Sonia last year, I made great strides in the areas of my life that were completed suck. It was like I pushed the reset button. Today, I see things clearly and from a higher perspective. The IPR sessions were a cornerstone in understanding and overcoming the blockages I was experiencing in my life."

- Aud. R.

What can I expect during and after a session?

Some people don't feel anything during a session while others experience physical discomfort and/or emotional disturbances. Things may start to shift in your life after one or multiple sessions depending on the type and number of implants as well as your own commitment to take responsibility for your own life.

How many sessions do I need?

The more sessions you do, the quicker you align to your true nature, change your reality and grow spiritually.

Ready to take the leap?

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