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As a child growing up in France, I loved being surrounded by animals (more than humans!) and enjoyed regular hikes in the Alps, connecting with animals and the elements. It was easy for me to tune in to people, animals and spaces’ energy. Interestingly, I ended up choosing a scientific path and graduated from Paris VI University with a honours BSc in biology. I had the opportunity to study whales in Europe and the St Lawrence river and later Orangutans in Sumatra, Indonesia.


I continued to develop empathetic abilities despite my academic background through cartomancy (oracle and tarot reading) but my journey into energy work really started when I learned Reiki in 2007. I became Reiki Master in 2009, got certified in Bioenergy the same year and ended up learning different modalities in the field of energy healing as well as animal communication and small animal acupressure. In 2017,I trained with Kathleen Prasad to become a Master/Teacher in the Let Animals Lead® method of Animal Reiki. In 2020, I enrolled in LCM's Life coaching training program and I'm currently studying homeopathy for cats and dogs.

Sonia Bellon

I've been cultivating a holistic approach for myself since I was in my teens due to many ailments I was suffering from. I switched to a plant-based diet many years ago, became a certified Hatha yoga instructor after practicing various styles of yoga for over 20 years, introduced Reiki, acupuncture, homeopathy, flower essences, mindfulness meditation into my life.


ANAHATA Healing Circle was born out of my passion to promoting pet's optimum health through a holistic, non-invasive approach, complementary to veterinary care. Although originally I intended to work solely with animals, my practice has slowly shifted towards helping people as well on their healing journey through energy work, guidance and coaching.


Why Anahata?

Anahata is the name of the heart chakra in sanscrit. It means “whole” or “unbroken” and is said to be the seat of the soul. Its attributes are love, compassion, openness, empathy, tolerance and humanity. Love is the basis of all healing.



My education

  • HBSc from Paris VI University
  • Usui Reiki Master/Teacher
  • Bioenergy practitioner
  • Hatha Yoga instructor

  • Certified somatic practitioner 

  • Animal Reiki Master/Teacher trained in the Let Animals Lead® method created by Kathleen Prasad

  • Small Animal Acupressure Practitioner
  • Animal Communicator (trained with Marta Williams and Caroline Leroux)
  • Raw Dog Food Nutrition Specialist with 8 years of experience
  • Pet First Aid certified

  • certified Life Coach

  • certified Quantum Systemics®Quantum communication® practitioner 

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