Your pet can benefit from the healing effects of an energy treatment whether the problem is physical, mental or emotional. Treatments can be done remotely or in-person (in which case please note that travel fees apply – GTA only).

$100 or 85

animal communication

To connect with an animal, I need a photo and the questions you'd like your animal to answer. Once I've made the connection and received the information, I send a transcript by email or we can schedule a call.

$65 or 50€


Acupressure, based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, is an alternative technique similar to acupuncture that has been used for thousands of years both on animals and people. The initial session is usually an hour while follow up sessions are about 45 minutes.

$60 per session

$90 for initial consultation

raw dog food nutrition

Raw feeding has numerous benefits for your dog's health. If you'be been thinking about switching from kibble to a raw diet but don't know where to start, I provide assistance throughout the process by:

  • guiding you step by step

  • giving tips for a smooth transition

  • ensuring your dog's diet is balanced and adapted to your dog's age and condition

  • answering any questions you may have

contact for pricing


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