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Reiki Treatment

All healing sessions are done remotely and consist of:

-  a 20 min chat to discuss your situation

-  a 50 min healing session

-  a 20 min discussion to go over what came through during the treatment and holistic tips  to enhance the benefits of the session.


The healing sessions promote healing physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. You might experience some discomfort or a profond state of relaxation depending on what your challenge and the work being done.

Healing sessions work well in conjunction with a conventional approach and/or other  therapeutic modalities. 

Distant Healing session

$150 or 110€



Using oracle cards, channeling and coaching tools, this session is meant to give clarity in any aspect of your life.  

I combine my 20 year experience doing oracle readings with other tools to give you information and tips to empower yourself, whatever the challenge or the situation. 


A session is  an hour long and is done remotely using Zoom.

GuidancE & coaching

$130 or 95€



By positioning objects, a mapping of the systems around the person appears like a film: the movement on which the transformation takes place becomes perceptible. This approach supports change/transformation at the professional, personal, family, physical level….

✔️Transform your life (sometimes within 48 hours)

✔️Dissolve blocks

✔️Discover new possibilities for resolving a conflict

Thanks to the systemic approach, you will understand that you interact with yourself and with others, depending on the contexts and on multiple frequencies. A change in perspective is sometimes enough to profoundly modify your environment, the people around you and of course yourself. 

Quantum systemics©

$200 or 130€

1 to 2h

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