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  Animal Reiki Certification course
Okuden (level 2)

As a Reiki Practitioner, are you looking to grow your skills and help more animals anywhere in the world?

this class is open to animal reiki level 1 and

people reiki level 1 & 2 students of all lineage

Animal Kingdom

If you are an animal lover, veterinarian, veterinary technician, volunteer / staff in a shelter, animal wellness professional, already trained in level 1 Reiki or Animal Reiki,

then this certification is for you! 


Using techniques from Traditional Japanese Reiki,

you will learn:

  • Meditation techniques to create a powerful healing space for animals

  • symbols and mantras to deepen your connection with animals and support them whatever the issue, wherever they are in the world

  • how to do distant healing sessions with animals

  • Guidelines for a successful animal reiki session

  • the code of ethics for the animal reiki practitioner

  • Techniques for grounding, expansion, and connection to help you become an animal magnet for even the most sensitive animals


I have been providing comfort to animals (and their humans) for over 10 years. Whether it is physically, emotionally or even spiritually, my mission is to support animals'well-being in a gentle and non invasive way that is complementary to veterinary care

Born and raised in France, I studied biology and graduated with a M.Sc in marine biology and environmental management. I have lived in Canada for 2 decades and after learning from different Reiki lineages, I now teach animal lovers the Let Animals Lead® method, based on mindfulness techniques from traditional Japanese Reiki.

This method profoundly changed my approach to animal Reiki treatments and allowed me to open up to the ancestral wisdom of the animal and vegetable kingdom. Certified in Traditional Chinese medicine and nutrition for dogs and cats, I'm also an animal communicator and I'm happy to bring all my knowledge to be of service to animals and their humans.

FO28666447E3_Teacher_Large (1).png
White Cat

This certification course will take you deeper on your spiritual journey with animals. We'll dive into the esoteric dimension of reiki to experience what Oneness with animals feels like.  


We will spend 2 days together practising and opening ourselves to a heart-to-heart connection with the animals of one of the sanctuaries/shelters that I have partnered with. 

Over the course of the weekend, expect:

  • longer practice time with the animals than in level 1 (Shoden)

  • a variety of practices to expand your understanding of Reiki and the energy

  • to do treatments with many different animals

The certification includes:

  • a 250 page manual

  • a professional certificate confirming your knowledge

  • guidelines to start your own professional animal reiki practice



You will get advanced training and lots of practice time so that you feel confident giving treatments. Expect a weekend of profound transformation with the help of animal companions who will guide us throughout our practice.

Closeup of a Black Dog

“All differences in this world are of degree, and not of kind, because Oneness is the secret of everything.”

- Swami Vivekanand


$ 610

$ 570 until August 9th @ 9pm


SEPTEMBER 26th @ 9pm 


 10% of the proceeds will be donated to the shelter/sanctuary hosting us to support their action.

Payment plan possible. Contact me at by August 1st at the latest for more details.

Next class is October 5th and 6th, 2024

📝Saturday October 5th: 10:00am - 5:00pm & Sunday October 6th: 10:00am - 4:00pm

🐮Farmhouse Garden Animal Home, Uxbridge

🍽️For ethical reasons, please bring a vegan lunch and snacks

⏰Early bird pricing ends August 9th 

✅Payment by e-transfer only

🔧Refunds are accepted up to 24 hours before the event minus a $50 fee. No refunds for cancellations within 24 hours.

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