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  Animal Reiki Certification
Shoden (level 1)

Would you like to:

  • deepen the relationship with your animal?

  • learn a holistic approach to healing your pet that is complementary to veterinary care?          

  • begin a spiritual practice that gives you the tools to ground yourself and connect to your inner wisdom?

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If you are an animal lover, veterinarian, veterinary technician, volunteer / employee in a shelter, animal healthcare professional, then this certification is for you! 


Using breathing and meditation techniques from Traditional Japanese Reiki, you will learn to:

  • create a safe healing space for animals

  • open up to animal wisdom

  • support emotionally and physically the animals around you

Every animal knows more than you do
- Native American proverb


I have been providing comfort to animals (and their humans) for over 10 years. Whether it is physically, emotionally or even spiritually, my mission is to support pets' well-being in a gentle and non invasive way that is complementary to veterinary care

Born and raised in France, I studied biology and graduated with a M.Sc in marine biology and environmental management.I have lived in Canada for more than a decade and after learning from different Reiki lineages, I now teach animal lovers the Let Animals Lead® method by Kathleen Prasad, based on mindfulness techniques from traditional Japanese Reiki.

This method profoundly changed my approach to animal Reiki treatments and allowed me to open up to the ancestral wisdom of the animal and vegetable kingdom. Certified in Traditional Chinese medicine and nutrition for dogs and cats, I'm also an animal communicator and I'm happy to bring all my knowledge to be of service to animals and their humans.

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Get ready for a transformational weekend! Learning Animal Reiki is just the beginning of a spiritual practice of compassion for all living beings. We will spend 2 days together practicing and opening ourselves to a heart-to-heart connection with the animals of one of the sanctuaries/shelters that I have partnered with. 

you will learn:

  • Definition of Reiki according to the traditional Japanese Reiki teachings

  • Traditional meditation techniques and how to use them with animals

  • Reiki self-treatment and how to incorporate animals into these sessions

  • Code of ethics for approaching animals during Reiki treatments

  • Reiki chair treatments including animals

  • Explanation of the difference between animal Reiki and people Reiki 

  • How to determine if the animal accepts a treatment

  • Lots of practice with the animals

The certification includes:

  • a 250 page manual/workbook

  • a professional certificate confirming your knowledge



You will have access to my private Facebook group to ask your questions and receive advice to help you in your practice.

You will get in-depth training and lots of practice time so that you feel confident giving treatments. Expect a weekend of profound transformation with the help of animal companions who will guide us throughout our practice.

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Pet The Bunny

What my students say 


Christelle did the Animal Reiki Shoden certification and the People Reiki Shoden certification in France.

"Sonia introduced me to Usui Reiki for both humans and animals. It was a real transformation and revelation for me. Sonia is very professional, an inexhaustible source of knowledge and very supportive. I am very happy to have learned Reiki with Sonia."


Sara did the Animal Reiki Shoden Certification in Canada.

"The universe works in mysterious says....My journey and desire to hug a cow..yes hug a cow led me to a weekend Reiki with Animals seminar...I didn't even read what I was signing up for...all I knew was that I would have a chance to get an intro to Reiki with animals so I signed up immediately. There really are no words to describe what I experienced...however I'll do my best to explain. I started my journey wanting to hug a cow and instead I experience a weekend full of amazing connections to not only these beautiful animals...also connections with some of the most amazing women I've ever met. Each so different yet connected through our hearts...our desires...our love of animals and this beautiful world. With all that is happening around us it is more important than ever to tap into the beauty...the loving energy that is all around us. This seminar allowed me to experience that. I have never in my life been so relaxed...the whole weekend I was in bliss...learning to create a safe space of healing is feel that connection...feel that moment when a beautiful animal trusts you...connects with you is an absolutely wonderful sensation - I felt and still feel charged from the sessions in May. Sonia ... Thank you...thank you for creating  such a great a little peace of times was difficult to let connect...brought up emotion...and you said to trust the process...and it was amazing. I will be signing up for the seminar in September. Looking forward to it and seeing you!!"


Eva did the Animal Reiki Shoden Certification in Canada.

After the class, i've been enjoying re-reading, and upkeeping my learnings regularly, and that wonderful belly breathing and visualizing animals in my life that need healing has brought a Very Different dynamic between myself and them! their human companions are quite impressed with my connection...and the practice has simultaneously strengthened my own energy work with my therapy clients. Beautiful!!


Mona did the Animal Reiki Shoden Certification in Canada.

"I wish to sincerely thank you for a fabulous and very informative Animal Reiki workshop. I’ve never experienced such eagerness in learning the process of connecting to our animal family. I thank you for being such a wonderful teacher, patient and wise in your knowledge. ​

I will be practicing your teachings for a long time. You’ve opened a beautiful spiritual doorway for me."


Beth did the Animal Reiki Shoden Certification in Canada.

"I am  so grateful that I found my way to Sonia and her Reiki training. It has been such a beautiful experience. I was nervous of my own abilities (or lack thereof) and Sonia helped me let go of my expectations and to just accept the experience. I felt some very clear connections with the animals and look forward to sharing Reiki with my animals at home as well as those in shelters and at sanctuaries. 

When I first signed up, I only intended to complete level 1, but I am now looking forward to completing level 2 once I have more  experience.

On behalf of my fur family and myself, thank you Sonia!"


Cameron did the Animal Reiki Shoden Certification in Canada.

"Your course flowed with an ease and comfort. Your presence kind and reassuring creates a space of safety that allows for opening to the teachings and practice. Thank you for the opportunity to stretch my heart to fresh realms."


$ 390  (regular price)

$365 early bird price until April 25th

$ 200 for resitting students 


 15% of the proceeds will be donated to the shelter/sanctuary hosting the class to support their action.





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