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A comprehensive tarot reading 
to help you be the best version of yourself in 2024

The Guidance 2024 combines a tarot reading and Tibetan astrology to support your personal growth in 2024


Cartomancy has been part of my life for over 20 years. Over the years, I learned other predictive methods such as channeling as well as coaching tools. I naturally include them when doing readings simply because they all complement each other so well.

It's become a ritual for me to do a full guidance for myself each year for the year to come. It's something I like to refer to throughout the year to help me build a strong mindset and prepare my actions. The Guidance 2024 is not going to tell you what's going to happen to you: Although I may channel some predictive information for you, I prefer to use it as a personal development tool to empower you. Essentially, the Guidance 2024 is designed to shed light on your limiting beliefs and blockages so that you can shine your light and attract more abundance into your life.

Are you ready for 2024?

Receive a beautiful 20 page PDF containing messages about 12 aspects of your life to help you manifest what's important for you

This guidance is meant to give you the tools to navigate 2024 with confidence in the following aspects of your life:

Pink Clouds

You and your potential


Creativity, children, projects



Above the Clouds


Health & responsibilities

Green and Purple Succulents


Purple Background with Bubbles

Friends & social life


Romantic relationships





Family & their influence in your life

Shadow on Concrete Wall

Subconscious mind/

limiting beliefs

trees video.mp4

Travels and opportunities for personal growth

To complement your tarot reading, I'm including an overview of 2024 using Tibetan astrology for the following aspects (they will be explained in detail in your guidance):

Yoga at Home
Gradient Ocean
Purple Stars

Good fortune

Your potential

(different from your vital force)

Your vital force 

What clients say about it


I just have to send a short note saying how AMAZING my Friday night reading with Sonia was. I was a little skeptcial going in but left feeling completely empowered, motivated and cleansed! Absolutely cannot wait for another encounter with her!


The guidance was very enlightening but also reaffirmed a lot of things in the back of mind. It will give me the kick in the butt I probably need to take care of certain parts of my life.

It was easy to understand and well-written with a lot of thought put into it.

Overall I think the guidance will prove to be beneficial to me this year.


I had an amazing oracle card reading with Sonia. Even before she shuffled her cards she offered me such amazing information and wisdom that was so surprising and healing. She is a truly special and gifted woman and I plan to do another session in the future!

Your Guidance will 

bring more clarity regarding blockages (conscious or subconscious) and/or limiting beliefs that prevent you from unleashing your full potential

highlight sectors of your life that require your attention (specific practices and tips may be included if appropriate)

Your GUIDANCE 2024

A comprehensive tarot reading covering 12 aspects of your life

Overview of 4 aspects of your life from the Tibetan astrology perspective

Your guidance will be emailed to you in a pdf format in the month of december


$180 (hst included)


Made with love

How do I order my Guidance 2024?

The Guidance 2024 is a limited edition: only 5 are available this year.

To get yours, order between November 1st to 15th inclusively or before the threshold of 5 is reached (it will be indicated on this page).

1)Fill out the form first

2)Process payment

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Your Guidance 2024: $180 

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Your Guidance 2024: $180 

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