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animals are naturally psychic

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Animals have the innate ability to remain connected to their soul because they don't have the ego getting in the way, unlike us humans. They don't have resistance and are naturally attuned to their environment, using their 5 regular sense organs. But it is also completely natural for them to receive information through telepathy and a "6th sense" stronly connecting them to the Earth.

These abilities are usually refered to as 'psychic' when also applied to humans but we tend to forget that we all can tap into them because they are inherently part of us too. Modern society has taught us that we should rely on our intellect rather than our intuition and as a result, we've suppressed that aspect of us. Animals communicate telepathically with each other and with their guardians and they also perceive the subtil vibrations of their environment. Many obervations of animals fleeing an area before an earthquake for instance, indicate how attuned they are to vibrations. I'm sure we've all heard about pets knowing minutes, hours if not days, that their guardians were on their way home by looking out the window or changing their behaviour.

I want to share with you an exemple of how attuned my dog is to my energy: One night I came home after an evening doing psychic readings at a local event. My vibration was extremely high after channeling so many beautiful messages. As soon as I opened the door my dog came to greet me. I know she immediately felt how unusually high my vibration was and she threw up! Sometimes the body can't handle high vibrations and physical reactions happen. This is a mechanism allowing the physical body to adjust. A similar process is also happening to us humans as we are adjusting to the Earth's rapidly increasing vibration.

So I invite you to see your pet as a miror and reflect on what she is telling you about yourself and your own energy.

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