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Black Panther spirit

Updated: Feb 15, 2019

Black Panther Spirit came to visit me last night to deliver a powerful message to me. She gave me a heads up a few days ago as I stumbled upon an article about a Black Leopard confirmed in Africa for the first time in 100 years. This is a pretty big deal for biologists and locals alike: rare animals spotted on camera bring with them some kind of excitement, reverence, mystery and magic.

Although this news brought a smile to my face, like any report of rare or endangered animal/species letting themselves be seen to humans, I quickly forgot about it, not knowing that Black Panther Spirit was about to show herself again in my life.

Looking back, the timing of this news is pretty interesting: the day I read the article, I was starting a deeply transformational workshop focusing on leadership and life mission. Little did I know that over the following days, I would reconnect with my inner power that I had lost in previous lives, after a traumatizing experience. But what does it have to do with Black Panther Spirit you may ask? Well, after the workshop, I felt a profound shift in my energy, like I was stepping into my power again. This was very subtle and slowly coming to my awareness: I could feel the change happening within me without being able to clearly define what it was. Three days later, Black Panther Spirit visited me in my sleep this time. Her message was very clear: I was in the process of reclaiming my true power, something I lost a long time ago, in a previous incarnation. Like the title of the article, something that disappeared or hasn't been seen in a long time, is coming back and is ready to show itself to the world.

When I woke up, I could feel the Black Panther energy in my entire body. It is a very high vibration, bringing along confidence, power and inner strength. I know I connected subconsciously with this energy before in my life but never to that level.

The Black Panther totem is an ancient totem that is all about reclaiming One's True Power, especially skills that have been dormant or underutilized for a long time. People connecting with this animal (the Black Panther totem is not my animal totem, it is an energy I am a match to at this time in my life) usually have a large array of skills, whether they are mental, physical, psychic or spiritual. They have the gift of inner knowing and the ability to develop clairaudience (the panther has very strong hearing). Interestingly, over the past couple of months, I've been able to communicate with and hear other dimensions a lot easier than before. The aspect of Black Panther Spirit that speaks to me the most is that it a symbol of rebirth after a period of suffering, and death on some level: fears are being dissolved, old wounds are healing and I learn to step fully in my power.

I know my soul has been waiting for this moment for a long time. However it hasn't been a passive process because I have been searching for that part of me through many lives. A fragment of my soul got deeply hurt during an incarnation and was calling for help. With the guidance of an amazing healer, I found it, FINALLY. I am full of gratitude, ready to roar but mostly to give back to other souls searching to be whole again.

Resources: Animal Speak, Ted Andrews

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I love this news because it helps my 3 and 2 year olds understand


Apr 23, 2023

This has touched me and definitely found me for a reason as my story is the same as yours. I have lost my power through a traumatic past life and having been guided now a few times by the lioness (Oracle cards) to find my confidence I started a new project of sculpting one to help me connect to their energy.

Recently I had a profound dream of 2 black Panthers walking towards me and I wasn't scared.

I am stepping back into my power

Replying to

I agree girl I love you

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