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Earth Energy Deficiency in pets

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Winter is a Yin season where we come within, we stay home longer as the days are shorter and it's cold, we eat and sleep more to conserve our energy. As we “retreat” from the outside world, we tend to lack Earth Energy. Our pets are the same!

Earth Energy is grounding and helps balance the sluggish winter Yin energy that may become excessive if we and our pets don't get in contact with Nature for an extended period of time. Earth Energy provides a feeling of love, harmony and wholeness that gently boosts our prana or vital energy.

With four paws on the ground as opposed to two for humans, animals are more attuned to Earth Energy than we are. They absorb it quicker which makes them more grounded and is why they live in the present moment contrary to us, humans, always planning our future and rehashing our past.

Indoor cats and small dog breeds who don't go out much in winter are usually Earth Energy deficient because they don't have direct access to Nature.

This really became apparent to me during an animal communication and Reiki treatment with an indoor cat living in a condo. Her guardians contacted me regarding behaviour issues she had been experiencing for a while, especially since they moved from a house to a condo. Once I connected telepathically with the cat, she showed me herself digging in her litter box to relieve the strong physical need to connect with the Earth and feel it underneath her paws. Although she has always been an indoor cat, that need was more pronounced since she moved to the 4th floor of a condo and therefore farther away from the ground. After just one Reiki treatment, she perked up and was more playful. I suggested her guardians to buy another litter box and fill it up with soil to bring Earth Energy to their cat who was desperately craving it. She will most likely need regular treatments to maintain good physical and emotional health. That being said, there are many different ways to connect your pet with the Earth Energy, all complementary to each other: Reiki, crystals (Mookaite and Smokey Quartz for instance), Bach Flowers, meditation (you can ask Gaia to ground your pet and visualize roots growing from your pet's paws to the center of the Earth) to name a few. The best remedy remains to take your furbaby out for a walk.

Earth energy deficiency may translate into various ways depending on the animal. Strong appetite, increased sleeping time, sluggishness, anxiety and behaviour problems may be some indicators. Some animals may also develop allergies and/or skin problems. Here are some tips to boost your pet's vital energy in winter:

  • Add root vegetables (or vegetables that grow close to the ground like) to your dog's diet (in limited quantity for cats) such as squash, sweet potatoe or carrot. If possible, choose organic and local produce.

  • Avoid feeding your pet kibble and processed food in general as it is void of Prana. A raw diet is ideal and will nourish your pet's physical body and energetic field.

  • Schedule regular Reiki treatments for your pet to balance and boost their vital energy. This will also provide emotional relief.

  • Add grounding crystals by their bed or where they spend most of their time. Make sure to energize and program the crystals first.

  • Give your pet a daily massage to get their energy and blood moving

  • Set aside longer playtime in winter. Interacting with a pet is not only grounding for humans but for pets too!

If you're looking for holistic pet care including Reiki, raw feeding, acupressure or animal communication, don't hesitate to contact me!

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